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Panda Costume Dogs
Panda Costume Dogs
Panda Costume Dogs
Panda Costume Dogs
Panda Costume Dogs

Panda Costume Dogs

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Get Your Pooch Ready For Halloween!

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Who said dogs can’t be pandas? Certainly not us
  • So let the cuteness begin. It’s time to trade in their bone for a stick of bamboo, and make your best friend look adorable as sin.
  • They’ll absolutely friggin’ love it! Whether its for Halloween or simply to get laughs and melt hearts.

      Product Size Detail

      • Please measure total height (front paws to top of head/ears) and girth. Dog costumes and fashion sizes run very small for precision fit.
      • Size 1 Height 13-14 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 16 inches.  
      • Size 2 Height 15-16 inches, Girth is adjustable up to approx 17 inches.
      • Size 3 Height 17-19 inches, Girth is adjustable up to approx 22 inches.
      • Size 4 Height 20-23 inches, Girth is adjustable up to approx 26 inches.
      • Size 1-2 for light builds only -- shoulder to shoulder width is ~4-5 inches, but the back expands to accommodate a great deal of girth, typically fitting dogs under 12 lbs, depending on build.
      • Size 3 or larger is typically needed for any broad chested or muscular dogs like Corgis, Frenchies, etc. Shoulder to shoulder width is ~6 inches, but girth expands. (Size 3 fits most Corgis and Frenchies 15-19.5 inches tall).

      How to Wear Your Panda Costume

      1. Hold the face open and lift all drawstrings with your fingers. You'll put the costume on like a hoodie sweater.

      2. Slip the hoodie and drawstrings over your pet's head. You can push the hood behind your pets head while your pet gets used to the costume. Go slow, just like when you introduce your pet to a harness. Loosen elastic inside face as needed.
      3. Gently lift each foot into the lower bear legs.
      4. Gently adjust the upper drawstring to customize girth. The back Will expand up to IO- 12 inches. Use the lower drawstring to adjust leg length. Loosen legs for more length. Leave at least 2 fingers of space for safety. Tie extra cord in a bow and tuck under for a cleaner lock.


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